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Aerospace Aluminium Grades


Aerospace aluminium grades are titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy that have been uniquely solved by high-temperature air oxidation. It can withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature or strong impact. It is a metal aluminum with high compressive strength and corrosion resistance. Aerospace aluminum alloy has the characteristics of lightness and durability. , Because in the beginning, many new technology industries such as the manufacturing of airline equipment were used.

aerospace aluminium grades

Aerospace aluminum is a kind of aluminum alloy, which is called a high-quality product among aluminum alloys. The 5000 series aluminum alloy has the higher strength among all aluminum alloy, so it is suitable for the aerospace industry. The 6000 series aluminum alloy has a medium strength, and the basic needs of production and manufacturing aeroplane can be considered.

The key applications of aerospace aluminum grades are wing surface skins, wing surface long truss, left and right edge bars of wing beams, beam ends, shell long truss, seat rails, main keel beams, side frames, shell skins, and lower shell wall panels. The main wooden floor stringers and other positions.

Aerospace Aluminium Grades