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What Aluminum is Used For Aircraft


What aluminum is used for aircraft? The aircraft grade aluminum are 2000 series aluminum alloy an 7000 series aluminum alloy. The aircraft is assembled by connecting and assembling more than one million parts. The connection of aluminum alloy parts and the connection of other parts, such as the connection between the engine and the wing, plays a very important role in the manufacture of the aircraft. The aluminum material used in aircraft is of the highest grade, and aluminum alloy materials that meet its requirements can also be used on other aircraft.

What aluminum is used for aircraft

What aluminum is used for aircraft? According to the difficulty of the production process and the price, the aluminum alloy used in aircraft can be divided into the following categories:

1, Commonly used traditional aircraft grade aluminium alloy: 7075-T62, 7075-T73, 7075-T73511, 2024-T42, 2024-T3511, 2024-T3, etc.;

2, 7050-T77 type and 7055-T77 alloy;

3, Aluminum-lithium alloys developed in modern times: 2196, 2198, 2099, etc.

What aluminum is used for aircraft? Passenger viewing window sashes and landing gear hub precision die forgings. These die forgings have the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, strong fatigue resistance and high corrosion resistance, and are the key structural parts of aircraft, mainly used in wings, wing moving surfaces, fuselage central wings, landing gear and other parts.

What aluminum is used for aircraft? Aluminum-lithium alloys have been widely used in aerospace equipment. Aluminum-lithium alloys have been used in military aircraft, civil airliners, helicopters and spacecraft, mainly for fuselage frames, flap ribs, vertical stabilizers, fairings, air intake lips, hatches, fuel tanks, etc. .

What Aluminum is Used For Aircraft